Colloidal Silver – How Can It Help You?

Silver is one of the most lethal antibiotic compounds. When administered at the colloidal form, it’s for all practical purposes, non-toxic. Silver was demonstrated to be used against countless infectious ailments. Even though the precise mechanism for its proven anti inflammatory effects of colloidal silver is unknown, the most accepted theory is that colloidal silver exerts the particular enzyme that lots of forms of bacteria, parasites and viruses use for their own metabolism.

Colloidal silver is the consequence of an electromagnetic process that attracts microscopic particles out of a bigger piece of silver into a liquid, for example plain water. These microscopic particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal functions as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In a nutshell, the poor guys suffocate. Unlike with antibiotics, resistant strains have not been proven to grow. In reality, antibiotics are only effective against maybe a dozen forms of parasites and bacteria, but not viruses. Since no recognized disease-causing organism could dwell in the presence of minute traces of chemical component metallic silver, colloidal silver is effective against more than 650 different naturally-occurring compounds.

The aforementioned anti bacterial properties of colloidal silver has been discovered by scientists at early 1900’s. Yet, discovery of antibiotics contributed to nearly erosion of colloidal silver. The comeback of colloidal silver manufacturer in medicine started in the 1970’s. The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop improved treatments for burn victims. Dr. Margraf, the primary biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to come across an antiseptic powerful enough yet secure enough, to use within large regions of the human body. As a consequence of the efforts, and that of other investigators, countless important new medical uses for silver have been discovered. Still another fact favoring colloidal silver has become the recent revolution in the technologies of colloidal silver production. It’s possible today to create a lot more outstanding silver colloids like Sovereign Silver, in a far more reasonable price than previously possible. This revolution in silver colloid may well see science go whole circle, as antibiotics become increasingly more out of reach and not able to deal with the brand new variety of super bugs like MRSA that are crossing the planet and being replaced with their very own affinity, silver colloid.

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