How To Find An Excellent Photographer

Oftentimes people question me for advice on how best to find a top quality professional photographer. With technology becoming more and more less expensive anyone can buy a camera and declare that they are a guru. The good thing is that the countless years as a jobbing professional photographer have educated Jos Timmer in having the ability to spot the really professional photographers from those other entire group.

So, here’s my own process on choosing the right photographer for you.


Take advantage of anybody of the major see’s to locate a collection of professional photographers in your area. Begin by checking each of the website pages within its tab. using this method you’ll be able to quickly and easily execute a comparison by shifting from tab to tab.

The principal question to ask here is, “Do I really like the design of their pictures?” If the solution is ‘no’, up close the tab and try another one. Be brutal! The very best quality portfolios will exhibit an ample assortment of excellent photos. Short-list the very best few photographers whose photos inspire you, then afterwards organize a scheduled appointment with them.


How positively you can get on with the professional photographer may easily make-or-break an image shoot. For most, getting their photograph used could be a very a self-conscious knowledge, therefore the more relaxed you end up the healthier the probability of your liking the results. Therefore, when the professional photographer doesn’t allow plenty of time to for an espresso and talk to you, you should look for a different person!

Throughout the conversation, be familiar with precisely how passionate the professional photographer is. An excellent one will question you queries that enable an obvious visualization of the types of images you’re looking for. They need to be rich in guidelines relating to your primary purpose by suggesting uses of design, location(s), lights, wider innovative crew etc.

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